$100 Million Dollar Man?

How much is this guy worth?

August 21, 2012

At seasons end Nick Swisher will become a free agent. The outfielder has spent the past four seasons in Pinstripes. Swisher has done a lot during his time in New York, including an all-star appearance, and now wants to be paid… a lot.

Over the past four years Swisher has become a break out star and personality. He on field accomplishments have made him one of the right fielders in the game. He has had more then 20 home runs and 80 rbi’s in his first three years with New York and is well on his way to doing that again. His personality has made him a fan  favorite. He’s engaged with the fans and has enough energy to feed the world. Whether it’s crushing a home run or jumping for joy Swisher has become a valuable member of any team.

For being known as a great clubhouse guy his antics haven’t gone unnoticed. Swishers actions can very easily be found annoying, cocky, and arrogant to opposing players. This year he made the list for the most hated players in baseball; voted by his peers. However, that hasn’t stopped him from being “Swishilicious.”

Having his best years as a Yankee, he has continuously stated how he would love to stay in New York beyond 2012. He has always said when he came to New York he felt at home and that he can be himself. There are two things now standing in his way to keeping his current uniform. The first is the Yankees.

The Yankees have been trying to cut costs. With the luxury tax increasing in another couple of years the Yankees have been trying to get under the salary cap. In order to do that the Yankees may need to let Swisher go. With guys like Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, Phil Hughes and others about to have pay days the Yankees need to find a way to cut cost. Even though guys like Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter were suppose to be coming off the books soon, that may not happen. Rivera is looking to return next year, so he will get at least $10 million and Jeter just seems to be getting better. It doesn’t help that team in handicapped with Alex Rodriguez’s contract.

The second is now the contract Swisher is looking for. A couple years ago Jayson Werth signed a 7-year $126 million dollar contract. That’s the type of contract Nick Swisher is looking for. This would almost immediately take the Yankees out of the equation. Everyone knows the Nationals messed up with the Werth deal.

The good news is Swisher (most likely) isn’t going to get an offer even near there. That is superstar money and Swisher is not a superstar. I doubt Swisher will land a contract that pays him more then about $13 million a year. I also doubt Swisher can get a seven year deal. That again is reserved for superstar caliber players. However, it’s still unlikely Swisher ends up in a Yankee uniform next season. It’s rare for baseball players to take pay cuts or even offer home town discounts. Especially since we are dealing with the Yankees, I don’t think Swisher will try and save them money. But that may be the only way he ends up staying.


By: Michael Cifarelli

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  1. Defiantly worth resigning. But 100m? I don’t think so. I would give him 5, 6 years tops and 8-10m if they are really looking to spend. But Granderson is top priority and (a healthy) Gardner has a better upside to sign in MO if it comes down to which direction to lean. If Swish want a payday and you are gonna spend then look to put in a handful more and get Hamilton if you can.

    • Hamilton will most likely easily make $20 million next year. I think for now that type of money is out of the Yankees price range, but who knows. $100m for Nick Swisher is a lot of money. And I see your point with Gardner.

      • I sometimes question what is out of NYY pay range. With Mo a questionmark until he pitches, Jeter retiring someday, Granderson a potential (but unlikely FA) and the Steinbrenners seemingly unreachable pay ceiling I wonder if a big contract is ever really that far away from their lips.

  2. The only reason the Yankees would let Swisher or not sign someone else big is if they stick to their “I want to lower our team salary” plan. For the past couple of years they’ve been trying to lower their payroll to underneath the max to avoid paying the luxury tax. Mainly because in the near future (exact year slips my mind) the luxury tax increases. But they do love spending money!


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